Consumer Product Branding and Package Design

Brand strategy, brand identity design and packaging design for consumer product manufacturers and retailers

What makes one consumer product brand sell over another? Is it brand identity design? Package design? In-store retail display design? Or a compelling brand story. The answer is “Yes.” It takes all of these things to create brands that customers will buy.

Some consumers buy the latest and greatest trends. Others buy the lowest price. But most people are creatures of habit and dedicated brand loyalists. So how do you create loyal customers? Create distinctive consumer product branding and packaging design that speaks to them and tells a great brand story. That’s where we come in. We’re a boutique creative agency that specializes in brand strategy, brand identity design, packaging design and retail point-of-sale design for consumer products.

Building Brands of Distinction
We develop, design and market distinctive consumer product brands that customers want to pick up, experience and buy. In the simplest terms, creating brands of distinction means not imitating brands that already exist in the marketplace. It means blazing new trails; finding new market space; and finding unique ways to inspire customers to buy your product.

Organic food and beverage brands are currently a huge growth segment. Large mainstream manufacturers are scrambling to create their own “private label” lines of organic and healthy products to catch up and compete with small, successful “mom & pop” brands. Creative branding, great brand identity, and smart package design level the playing field and allow small start-up brands to compete with large, established ones.