Caribou Coffee Package Design

From the cozy lodge to the friendly skies — you may now feel free to walk about the cabin.

caribou coffee package design

Caribou Coffee is a Minneapolis-based coffee roaster and retailer with almost 500 (lodge-like) store locations. But when they landed the contract to provide fresh-roasted coffee on over 4,000 United Airlines flights per day, it called for a specialized package design solution.

Most food packaging traditionally requires the use of flexible polyethylene or other non-rigid materials. These specialty materials, in turn, require a type of specialty printing, called flexography. Our expertise in designing packaging for flexographic printing is a unique and specialized skill, not found in most traditional advertising agencies or design firms.

To keep the coffee its freshest and the packaging airtight in a pressurized environment at 30,000 ft. required a metalized film packaging. Taking cues from the Caribou “great outdoorsy” brand, we designed the coffee packaging to include the look of rustic red barn siding