Mark Gerardot

Product Branding Leader

Mark Gerardot BioMark Gerardot has been a leader in branding and package design for consumer products for more than 20 years. Early in his career, Gerardot designed packaging for legendary international food brands like Clarence Birdseye®, Green Giant®, Domino Sugar®, and Idaho Potatoes®.

But it was the rewarding work as branding and package design consultant for startup brands that was the real inspiration for launching Gerardot Design in 2001. “Taking an entrepreneur’s idea for product and making it a tangible, sellable consumer brand is a rewarding experience. Because without a brand, a product is simply a commodity, no matter how good it is.”

For more than 18 years Gerardot & Co. has developed brands for coffees, teas, wines, beers, health food, grocery stores, restaurants and more.

“Without a brand, a product is simply a commodity, no matter how good it is.”

With a lifelong passion for dogs and animals of all types, Gerardot is especially interested in developing products and brands for pets and companies that love and look after the environment. Inspired by the many needs of animals across the globe, the company is currently developing a brand of craft beer and wines targeted to animal lovers around the world with 100% of the profits going toward helping dogs and animals in need.

Mark Gerardot dog lover

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